Expert services and support for your development projects


A key component of DevOps is developing automation wherever possible. DeRef has experience with many common automation tools, and a deep understanding of the concepts and principles of automation, allowing new tools to be quickly applied.

Automation services:

  • Developing automation systems for deployment, build and test
  • Consolidating deployment models to allow automation – production and test systems
  • Training in using and developing with automation tools
  • Testing and review of automation systems to assure resiliency

We are familiar with popular automation tools, please see resources for an overview of typical automation tools.


DeRef provides an experienced guiding hand for your DevOps adoption, ensuring you achieve your quality, cost and velocity goals faster.

DevOps adoption services include:

  • Defining and running a DevOps adoption project
  • Consulting and feedback on efforts for DevOps adoption
  • Refinements to existing DevOps processes
  • Documentation and training on DevOps

Code Management

Code management is one of the foundations for reliable DevOps and automation processes, so it’s important to ensure that it is done properly.

DeRef has many years providing code management services, such as:

  • Process definition and documentation
  • Training for development team
  • Tool selection and migration
  • Tool installation and configuration

Typical code management technologies to consider are:

  • Tools: Git, Subversion, Mercurial, Bazaar, Perforce
  • Branching Models: Git-flow, “Development Branches”

Development Processes

DeRef has experience in defining and refining the development processes required by a mature DevOps process.

Development services include:

  • Reviewing and recommending improvements to development processes
  • Training development teams in process change
  • Measuring and ensuring adoption of process changes