DeRef provides services for teams adopting DevOps, including short-term or part-time effort if required. Services can be both technical – writing code – or process oriented – documentation and training, and are adaptable to development teams of any size or sophistication. They are currently provided by Alexander Taler, building on 18 years of development, DevOps and operations experience.

The services will benefit your DevOps initiative by ensuring you experience benefits sooner and with less issues, and consequently with less cost. The alternatives are to depend on retraining or hiring, both which take time before delivering benefits, and come with a greater risk of losing the investment.


A key component of DevOps, and the natural place to start is developing automation wherever possible. DeRef has experience with many common automation tools, and a deep understanding of the concepts and principles of automation allowing new tools to be quickly applied. Automation services are:

  • Developing automation systems for deployment, build and test.
  • Consolidating deployment models to allow automation – production and test systems.
  • Training in using and developing with automation tools.
  • Testing and review of automation systems to assure resiliency.

Areas of automation supported and some typical tools are:

  • Deployment: Puppet, Ansible, Salt, Docker, Vagrant
  • Build: Jenkins/Hudson, TeamCity, Ant, Maven, MSBuild, Make
  • Testing: JUnit, Selenium, Cucumber

DevOps Adoption and Refinement

DeRef provides a guiding hand for your DevOps adoption. The internet has a wealth of advice and opinions, which can be contradictory, confusing or just irrelevant. Direct involvement of someone with experience saves time digesting information, avoids errors, and ensures the process is refined and working faster.

DevOps adoption services include:

  • Defining and running a DevOps adoption project.
  • Consulting and feedback on efforts for DevOps adoption.
  • Refinements to existing DevOps processes.
  • Documentation and training on DevOps.

Code Management Tools and Processes

Code management is one of the foundations for reliable DevOps and automation processes, so it’s important to ensure that it is done appropriately. DeRef has many years providing services such as:

  • Code management process definition and documentation.
  • Training for development team.
  • Tool selection and migration.
  • Tool installation and configuration.

Typical code management technologies to consider are:

  • Tools; Git, Subversion, Mercurial, Bazaar, Perforce
  • Branching Models: Git-flow, “Development Branches”

Development Processes Review and Improvement

A mature DevOps process requires development processes which support it. DeRef has the experience needed to define and refine processes, with services including:

  • Reviewing and recommending improvements to development processes.
  • Training development teams in process change.
  • Measuring and ensuring adoption of process changes.